Education is the bedrock for shaping better world futures.

It has transformed us from primitive ape to an awesomely powerful species.

It is our greatest gift but we must use it wisely.

Education for World Futures offers foundation courses that provide a unique educational experience

people city


Explores the nature and future of humankind


Explores how we can make a difference

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Our courses focus on two of the greatest questions we can ask:

  • What does it means to be human and how can we live fullfilling and meaningful lives?
  • How can we contribute to better human and world futures?


They are about life and living:

  • They guide and energise: they do much more than just teach.  
  • They provide a springboard for a better understanding of yourself and the world you live in.
  • They are yours to extend into your life; into your visions and into your futures.

 Who are they for?

They are for all interested in the nature and future of humankind.   

We welcome diversity in age, gender, life experience, cultural heritage religious, political and other affiliations.  It is through diversity and sharing of ideas and experiences that we learn most about the human condition and how best to promote human wellbeing.  All we need is mutual respect, understanding, good will and a belief in the value of all humankind and the world we live in.

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When will they be released and how can I be involved? 

The first course, Humanity will be released in the first half of 2019 and the second, Action, within the following six months.  Both courses will then be offered twice a year.   

Pending release, we invite you to join our EWF Action Network where you can learn more about the courses and engage in other activities of EWF.   

For further information check out the FAQs below and then the two courses: Humanity in the 21st Century and Human Action for World Futures  or contact us.