EWF courses offer

  1. an understanding about the world in which you live, the opportunities and challenges that will arise within your lifetime
  2. an understanding of the ways in which human action can shape world futures
  3. essential knowledge and skills for the 21st century relevant to a wide range of disciplines
  4. familiarity with Web 2.0 technologies and social-networking skills
  5. personal, professional and academic development
  6. the capacity to make difference in your current or future career.

Materials are used in the courses:

As well as study guidelines and specific topic outlines and reports developed by teaching staff, extensive use is made of peer-reviewed scholarly publications, resources provided by leading individuals and institutions concerned with human and global issues and online educational resources providing relevant facts and concepts from the range of disciplines listed above. The latter materials include book chapters, e-books, encyclopedia articles, interactive visual materials and videos. All of these materials are freely available and readily accessed online.

Learning experiences:

IHS courses combine best-practice teaching and learning with the latest online technologies to provide a rich learning experience.  As well as engaging with web-based resources, you will use ePortfolios to develop a personal and professional profile, social-networking tools to communicate and collaborate with others in group discussions and projects and a range of Web 2.0 applications to create your own artifacts and contribute to the web of knowledge.  All of these courses and units are run with the Moodle education platform.