Articles EWF

These articles have mostly been adapted from our Foundation Course curriculm.  They aim to provide starting ideas and view points on topics we regard as important for a holistic understanding of humanity.  Action Network members, are encouraged to discuss them further as are our students.   The best way to improve your understanding of these sometimes complex and open ended topics is through working and learning with and from each other.  That is what true education is all about.

The March of Time

A truly fascinating but often overlooked question is how we humans have changed over time to become who we are now? We tend to live and focus on the present with perhaps some interest in the past and future. But we suggest here that if we are truly to understand what it means to be human, we must understand how our very brief history as modern humans fits into a broader picture of time, the very essence of existence. This section explores human history in the context of all of time as we know it from the big bang to the present.

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