There has been heartening growth in the number, energy and capacities of benevolent organizations and communities, motivated to improving human and environmental wellbeing.  

We believe these groups will become increasingly important in shaping world futures as global uncertainties increase and enlightened and effective government a rarer event.  So we fully recommend that our students and followers explore their activities and consider joining with them on a march to better futures.


Gap Minder

Gapminder: The internet has given us seemingly limitless access to facts, fictions and opinions.  But how can we make sense of it all, how can we construct a rational world view from the relentless cacophony of material the internet throws at us daily, weekly and yearly?  Many can’t or won’t, the effort seems too

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Great Transition Initiative

Great Transition Initiative We live in a rapidly changing world, a world in a precarious balance of opportunities and serious global threats.  How then shall we navigate this world to enhance the former and minimize the latter?  Many believe that our current governance and institutions are just not up to the task and there is

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