EWF is more than just a provider of courses and resources; it is an active community of leaders with a real concern for human well-being, a belief that education can be a major agent for change, a guide for meaningful lives and together shape better world futures.

We have established the Action Network for members to share their interests, collaborate on projects and support our mission.

Members have a key role in EWF: they help drive our activities, support our students and shape our directions. In return, EWF provides members with a platform to interact and deeply connect with bright ‘like-minded-big-hearted’ individuals to freely choose or create meaningful projects for real world challenges. 

It is a beautiful diverse network where members are from all around the world, of different ages, ethnicities, religions, degrees of expertise and areas of interests; from students to professionals, activists, mentors and teachers, everyone can work together. 

Once you have access to the platform, you will interact with other members through:



One of the most important things members can do is to work on projects of direct impact on human well-being. Members can present their projects, seek collaboration or enroll to an existing project.


Here is where you can link up with others of similar views or even more interesting, dissimilar. Keep an open mind, your views might change a little as you progress in EWF: this would be exciting.


Members can join/create groups with a specific interest, for example: Social Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Green Businesses, Artists, or Zero Waste advocates. Groups might lead to projects teams or projects ideas.

Who is it for?

The Network is for students that have taken our two courses and who are ready to take action.

It is also for everyone actively associated with EWF like teachers, activists, community leaders, businesses; everyone with a sincere interest in knowing more about the meaning of humanity and a desire to better human futures.

Ok. How to join?

You can join the network by enrolling in our courses (which makes you a member) or by subscribing directly to our membership, although joining the courses is the best way to establish long-lasting relationships, build trust and find the support and skills to get into action. 

If this is what you have been looking for to become the change you want to see, join our community. We warmly welcome your involvement.

Yes, I want to be part of the network.

Awesome! Simply fill in the Membership application form and send in your Membership fee of AUD$10 (around two cups of coffee). 

You will then be enrolled as an Action Network member on our online Moodle platform where all interaction occurs.

You will be sent an email confirming your enrolment and providing you with the URL for the Members site, a user name, a temporary password and brief instructions on how to log into the site.

Once logged in you can readily interact with others, work on forums, blogs and projects and keep up with news and other activities of EWF.

What then?

Over to you.  We want the Network to flourish, we want you to flourish through it, and we are sure that it will with your enthusiasm, uniqueness and help.

We see the Network as a community: it is the essence of EWF where the knowledge, understanding and skills learnt from our courses are translated into action.