In this section resources, authored by ourselves or others, have been chosen as of likely interest to all concerned with human and world futures. Many great resources are now available on the internet. We plan to select and add further resources to build up a coherent and broad coverage of EWF interests without overwhelming with content.

We have arranged the resources into the following subsections.

Articles EWF:  These are authored by EWF members include essays and texts adapted directly from our teaching materials.

Videos EWF:  These are EWF productions: most can be found on our You Tube EWF channel.

Reviews:  These are brief introductions to resources created by others.  for clarity, we have arranged these into subsets:
       Data sets

Links:  Here we  provide brief introductions to organizations that share many of the aims and values of  EWF.

All that we have written here is open source:  we welcome its dissemination although we would appreciate attribution to EWF where appropriate.