Welcome to Education for World Futures

Imagine what will happen if we all can be aware of the power we hold as humans
to shape the world we want to live in
find deeper meaning for our personal lives,
connect the deepest ideals of the heart with high-level skills to make it happen.

Do you want to be part of this awareness?

Then welcome to Education for World Futures

Our passion is to offer education that explores human natures and futures
seeks wisdom for the 21st Century and above all
inspires action to promote human well-being in a sustainable world.

Our mission is to advance human well-being through online courses and open access resources that guide people to answer global and personal fundamental questions, generate their own wisdom, learn specific skills and from these foundations

Motivate effective actions in collaboration with like-minded people with a fascination with the human condition and an active concern for human welfare, now and into the future.

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EWF is taking a big step forward

We are about to become an independent, not for profit, community with a focus on education for human and world futures.
This website is being reconstructed to reflect our extended mission and vision and our new activities and plans for 2017.

Take a big step forward with us!
Here you are reading about us, but we want to break the barrier of distance and the traditional
active-passive, teacher-student, speaker-listener, government-citizen approach. We believe in and nurture the natural intelligence and unique perspectives that each of us possess. We would love you to join us on this journey and invite you to
develop and share your leadership and talents with the world, we all could use a little piece of your wisdom.
If you would like to offer suggestions or be more actively involved in our planning, even in the development of our media please email nevillebruce@ewf.net.au

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Our team

Our team is everyone involved in EWF, our students, the EWF community, volunteers and staff. Here are some brief biographies.

Neville Bruce

Director and Novice Elder
Neville is a founder director and is passionate about Education for World Futures.  Half a century ago (elder qualification) Neville studied veterinary science and spent a year in rural veterinary practice where he learnt much about human relationships with the land and the environment. He completed a PhD in embryology and a three-year post-doctoral fellowship in reproduction at Oxford University where he became more and more interested in the truly remarkable domestic animal called human. He spent four decades at the University of Western Australia where he taught human biology, reproduction, histology, experimental design, human ethics and more recently integrated human studies, the precursor of Education for World Futures. His research interests broadened out from human reproduction to include the intersection of biology and psychology in conditioning human well-being. Many other life experiences contributed to his passion for futures and human orientated education. On route to Oxford he and his wife travelled overland from Malaysia to London in a Volkswagen Beetle; a journey that inspired a lifelong interest in peoples and cultures around the world. He has built a house from scrap materials, made biodiesel from used cooking oil, manufactured wood pellets as an alternative energy source and planted thousands of trees on his family farm, all activities providing hands on experience in sustainable living. He has been active in organisations such Freedom from Hunger, Scientists Against Nuclear Arms and the Peace Education Foundation (WA) and served on various ethics and educational boards and committees. Collectively these activities inspired him, together with his friend and colleague the late Len Freedman, to establish Education for World Futures which he regards as the culmination of his career.

Mark Paynter

Director, tutor, schools liaison

Education has been a focus for Mark throughout his life. He has both contributed to as well as being a fortunate beneficiary of some extraordinary educational experiences.  Mark has been a teacher, administrator and board chair in schools in eastern and western Australia as well as in regional schools in Kenya. More recently he completed a Diploma in Integrated Human Studies (the direct precursor of Education for World Futures) and went on to help develop and implement EWF curricula with Neville and Angela. These broad and wonderful experiences have entrenched in Mark a deep commitment to education – facilitating it for others and engaging in it himself. Currently Mark is finalising his PhD thesis on incorporating a futures perspective into the school curriculum. This research arose form Mark’s postgraduate studies with Neville in Integrated Human Studies and has provided sight into the professional support that teachers and schools require when a futures perspective is introduced into the curriculum.

Angela Towndrow