A Higher Calling for Higher Education: Cristina Escrigas

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A Higher Calling for Higher Education: Cristina Escrigas Great Transition Initiative (June 2016), https://www.greattransition.org/publication/a-higher-calling-for-higher-education Reviewed by nevillebruce@ewf.net.au Over the past few decades there has been a massive increase in post-secondary, higher education institutes (HEIs).  This has been driven largely in the expectation of national and, for students, personal economic gain and prestige.  But could there […]

We are living the most exciting of the times

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As humans, we have experienced life evolution from single-cell organisms to the highly intellectual, creative and innovative creatures we are today. It is hard to grasp the magnitude of awesomeness and miracle this is; we did not get witness the chaotic geological primitive soup that was earth and the evolutionary stages that lead to our […]