At heart, EWF is a community with a deep concern for humanity and human futures.

We are the evolution of education in action.

We live in a time of extraordinary challenges and opportunities.

We need new ways of thinking and doing.

21st Century Challenges

Population Growth


Poverty and Inequality

fish pond

Resource Depletion

Climate Change


Rampant Consumerism

War risks

21st Century Opportunities To Develop

bottle-decorations-fruits-1128426 (1)

Material Well Being

Health: Body, Mind and Pysche



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Education For Life

Individual, Community and Global Consciousness

The Answer: 21st century Global Citizens and Leaders

Public Art by Amber Rae.

If we look around, each day more people are developing a higher awareness. We can see it in the ecological, health and animal-compassionate trends, new food and clean energy alternatives, the numerous civic movements; the ways people live spirituality in more open and inclusive ways, the rejection of politics and business as usual and in each of us who know deeply that life is more than productivity for the sake of productivity, who wish to live more meaningful and authentic lives while we shape better worlds. 

We are the 21st Century leaders, the “Transition Generation”. We care deeply. What really matters to us as individuals becomes an offering for our communities and the world at large.

OUR WELLBEING IS LINKED TO THE COLLECTIVE WELLBEING, and we recognize that our small daily actions bend reality.

This is how we do it:

To achieve the world we want

We need inspired, educated and active global citizens

This can be you and EWF can help

Where to start?

Enroll in our courses

Become an active leader in your own future and take your education to real life challenges.

Take action

Develop a project, support a project, contribute to our community with your talents, ask for guidance to members of the community.

Become a member

Mentor students, create resources, become involved in projects, help publicise our activities, particularly online courses, and add wisdom and expertise to all that we do.