Worldometers and Internet Live Stats

There are now over a staggering seven, going on eight billion humans impacting on this world and of course each other. What are we really doing, which groups are doing most and what does this mean to our lives and environment? The answers to these questions involve gigantic, seeminlgly incomprehensible numbers.
This is where the genius of Worldometers comes in. They report on highly researched and reputable data and present them in unique visual ways that provide not only insight to the massive numbers but also the rate of change and urgency of some of the issues raised.
Worldometers cover demography, economics and expenditures, health, and internet use. The results are amazing, sometimes frightening and above all a great starting point for research into the human condition and planning for futures.

Worldometers does cover some internet useage but for more information and detail go to the Internet Live Stats site.  It makes you realize that much of our humanity resides on little electrons and radiowaves circulating and recirculating furiously around our planet and perhaps beyond!  How will other intelligent life forms view our current activity?