Humanity in the 21st Century and Beyond

This online foundation course Humanity in the 21st Century and Beyond (EWF Humanity) will be available for enrolment later in 2017. It pairs with and is usually taken before our other foundation course, Action for Human and World Futures (EWF Action).

EWF Humanity explores the big questions: what is human nature, where have we come from, where are we now, where are we going and what might all this mean?  Our species has a remarkable story, we emerged just 200,000 years ago as a small number of weak vulnerable creatures, very much at the mercy of our environment. We have now become the most intelligent and seemingly successful species on earth, and perhaps the universe and cosmos, with the power and propensity to change our environment and even our own species for better or for worse.   But will we use our powers wisely to allow humanity and our environment to flourish into the future and how can we acquire such wisdom? This unit aims to be at least a small guide along the path to the wisdom we will need for the 21st Century and beyond.