Seeking the sapience in Homo sapiens

Congratulations; you and I have been specially selected to membership of the great species Homo sapiens, wise homo, the only survivor of a whole group of hominins. But have we really been specially selected and can we really lay claim to wisdom?

This blog will explore the wisdom in humanity, where humanity may be going and whether we, as ‘wise humans’ can really help shape human and world futures.

Some of these posts are based on tutorials we hold with undergraduate first year students of Humanity in the 21st Century and Human Action for World Futures and postgraduate students of Integrated Human Studies.

We welcome your interaction with this community. Consider these initial posts as stirring the human pot to prevent it from burning: please help with the stirring; surface blowing is futile.

About me: I think I am a human; I do hope so and that being an academic and a whitish aged male does not entirely negate my membership. I studied Veterinary Science and realized that the most interesting and dangerous and potentially noble domestic animal is us. I became ever more fascinated with our species, our past, our present and most importantly, our future.

This led to a belief that education is the central foundation of all human cultures and that our cultures evidence our wisdom and will be the mainstay of the survival and significance of our odd little species on this odd little planet called earth.

Education for World Futures and this blog are our small contributions to the evolving global culture of the future.

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